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July 21st  meeting


Veteran Affairs:  Currently there is not a support group for veterans who care for others.  A Post member talked to individuals on the National VFW level about looking into establishing a program to help vets with a caregiver support group. They said discussions will be taken under advisement about setting up a national program concerning a support group for caregiver veterans. The V.A. is looking into establishing a peer group of veterans who give support.  

For information about caregiver support log on to the support site at


There is a support group App called Annie for caregiver support. However, someone from the Veterans Administration must authorize you to enable you to use the App.

The suicide prevention number is 988. If you feel you need help call the suicide prevention hot line.


Service Officers Report:  Nothing new this month

September 24th is Illinois Day at the National Home.

There is now form DD 214-1 for those who have served in the National Guard or the Reserves.

Illinois bill 101.0262 passed which will enable a veteran with a 50%  or greater disability, to get license plates for free. You will have to present proof of eligibility.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently published proposed changes to the V.A. Rating Schedule. If adopted, V.A. Rated Veterans with Mental Health and Respiratory Conditions may receive slightly more compensation and V.A. rated veterans with Sleep Apnea and Tinnitus may receive less compensation.

Sleep Apnea:

The proposed disability rating for Sleep Apnea does away with the “automatic" 50-percent V.A. Rating and may even result in a ZERO-percent V.A. Rating.  If a veteran is using a C-Pap machine and no longer suffers from the adverse effects after using a C-Pap machine, the VA Rating will be 0%.

Safety Officer: There is concern about the public falling for a situation where a dollar bill is found lying on the ground. The dollar bill is laced with Fentanyl, a highly toxic substance. Exposure to fentanyl can be very deadly and do not attempt to pick up money you may come across. 

Good of the Order:  For more than 15 years Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539  has worked with the Veterans Administration in providing assistance to Veterans in need. 

Now you can help in our ongoing effort to serve those who have served us.
Contribute just $5.00 a month (more if you can) to Bloomingdale VFW 7539 to help provide food and other needed items to Veterans in need.

The link is:

Veteran Information:.

FYI: You can file an initial claim (that has not been previously decided by the V.A.), by submitting Form  21-526EZ, Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. 
The National Archives will digitize the list of Blue Water Navy ships.
Information and resources on the Blue Water Navy Act, eligibility, and how to file a claim, can be found online. 

  For a listing of Illinois State V.A. benefits available please check the website:


If you live in the Bloomingdale Township Senior Center area and need a walker, wheel chair or other items, contact them. There is no cost for these items.

Membership: Members who have not paid their membership dues will be removed from our roster.

An online App for your smart phone,VFW mobile recruiter is available for those wishing to join VFW Post 7539.
Go to the App store and get the App. 
Make sure you put in our Post number 7539 to join. 


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