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November 17th  meeting


Veteran Affairs:   For information about caregiver support log on to the support site at


The suicide and crisis number is 988.



The VFW Post 2149 in Wood Dale, Illinois is in desperate need of a Commander to help with the operation of the Post. Contact VFW Post 2149 in Wood Dale, Illinois if you are interested.


Service Officers Report: Claims submitted under the PACT Act will be placed in a Que. The V.A. will begin processing claims starting in January. If your medical files are through the V.A., the claims process will be easier. Medical records through a private physician will need to be submitted to the V.A. for the processing of claims. 

If you are notified by the V.A. about your claim, talk to your service officer and he will help you with your claim. Any compensation you receive, if approved, will start from the date you file your claim.

In Illinois, if you need an annual letter stating your disability level for property taxes, there is an easier way to get the letter. Going to the V.A. web site to file a claim is now an easier process. It is now a five-step process. Go to the V.A. and follow the prompts to obtain your disability letter. 

Five new locations have been added for exposure to Agent Orange. They include any US base in Thailand January 9,1962-June 30, 1976; Laos December 1, 1965-September 30, 1969; Cambodia April 16, 1969-April 30, 1969; Guam & American Samoa January 9, 1962-July 30, 1980; Johnson Atoll January 1, 1972-September 1977.  

Good of the Order: Our Post VFW 7539 Bloomingdale, Illinois provided coats and winter items for homeless veterans. Kits consisted of a hat, scarf, socks, and gloves. We have collected and distributed over 500 coats so far. 

The Post Veteran Affairs Officer took over 20 bags of clothing items to the Jesse Brown V.A. Hospital in Chicago. Our Veteran Affairs Officer distributed quilts and blankets from Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, Illinois to the hospital. He picked up bags of hats, scarves, and gloves that a Darien Lithuanian ladies group knitted. they wre also distributed to homeless veterans.

There are 30-32 residents in the spinal cord ward at Hines V.A. Hospital. Our Post will be sending items and canteen gift cards to those residents. 


For more than 15 years Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539  has worked with the Veterans Administration in providing assistance to Veterans in need. 

Now you can help in our ongoing effort to serve those who have served us.

Contribute just $5.00 a month to Bloomingdale VFW 7539 to help provide food and other needed items to Veterans in need.

The link is:

Veteran Information:. The Department of Veterans Affairs has established a change in the law to allow veterans to go back and re-file a claim if you can prove your eligibility.  File your claim now to begin the claims process.They will not process claims until January 2023. 


There is now form DD 214-1 for those who have served in the National Guard or the Reserves.

Illinois bill 101.0262 passed which will enable a veteran with a 50%  or greater disability, to get license plates for free. You will have to present proof of eligibility.

FYI: You can file an initial claim (that has not been previously decided by the V.A.), by submitting Form  21-526EZ, Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. 
The National Archives will digitize the list of Blue Water Navy ships.
Information and resources on the Blue Water Navy Act, eligibility, and how to file a claim, can be found online. 

  For a listing of Illinois State V.A. benefits available please check the website:


If you live in the Bloomingdale Township Senior Center area and need a walker, wheel chair or other items, contact them. There is no cost for these items.

Membership: Members who have not paid their membership dues will be removed from our roster. Make sure to submit your DD214.

An online App for your smart phone,VFW mobile recruiter is available for those wishing to join VFW Post 7539.
Go to the App store and get the App. 
Make sure you put in our Post number 7539 to join. 


Support VFW Post 7539 as it raises funds to buy sets of winter gloves, hats and scarves for our homeless veterans.  
Scan the QR code. 

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