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March 21, 2024


Service Officers: If a veteran receives monetary benefits from the V.A. and is unable to handle his finances, the claim’s examiner is notified by someone who recognizes there is a problem. A claims examiner may request a psychiatric examination to see if the veteran can manage their affairs. The process will move to a regional council (lawyer), then a judge must rule on the mental status. The veteran does have his day in court to discuss the findings. The regional council then finds a fiduciary to manage the affairs if the findings are valid. A family may be appointed to manage the veteran’s affairs.

Our Service Officer reported that the Veterans Administration now recognizes exposure to herbicides as a presumptive disease under the Agent Orange category.  A 2019 DoD List of Locations Where Tactical Herbicides and their Chemical Components Were Tested, Used or Stored Outside of Vietnam are listed on the V.A. Gov website.

 Good of the Order:  A Post donation of $5000 was sent to help support veteran women.

Veteran Affairs:  If you need emergency treatment you may receive it at any medical facility approved by the V.A. Apply for an emergency medical card through the V.A. 

  • The Homestead Exemption, provides that for the taxable year 2024 and thereafter, Veterans that are rated 70% or higher for their disability, the first $250,000 in equalized assessed value of the property, is exempt from taxaction.

Make sure a lawyer is accredited with the V.A. if you need legal assistance for any reason. Check with the site to find out if your representative is accredited with the V.A. 


Veteran burial benefits: The V.A. does not pay for your burial.  Burial in a national cemetery is not guaranteed. For information select the link

Form 534-EZ may help a veteran see if they are eligible under the new guidelines for a service-connected disability. 

 If you wish to receive benefits you must contact veterans benefits. Go to the veterans benefits web site or see your local Service Officer for more information. 

The suicide and crisis number is 988.

Agent Orange information 

Five locations have been added for exposure to Agent Orange. They include any US base in Thailand January 9,1962-June 30, 1976; Laos December 1, 1965-September 30, 1969; Cambodia April 16, 1969-April 30, 1969; Guam & American Samoa January 9, 1962-July 30, 1980; Johnson Atoll January 1, 1972-September 1977.  


Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539  has worked with the Veterans Administration in providing assistance to Veterans in need. 

Now you can help in our ongoing effort to serve those who have served us.

Contribute just $5.00 a month to Bloomingdale VFW 7539 to help provide food and other needed items to Veterans in need. 

The link is:

To order a Military license plate for your branch of service go to:

You can pick the plate corresponding to your branch of service. Check out the website to see if you qualify for a license plate discount.

FYI: You can file an initial claim (that has not been previously decided by the V.A.), by submitting Form  21-526EZ, Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. 
The National Archives will digitize the list of Blue Water Navy ships.
Information and resources on the Blue Water Navy Act, eligibility, and how to file a claim, can be found online. 

  For a listing of Illinois State V.A. benefits available please check the website:


If you live in the Bloomingdale Township Senior Center area and need a walker, wheel chair or other items, contact them. There is no cost for these items.

An online App for your smart phone,VFW mobile recruiter is available for those wishing to join VFW Post 7539.
Go to the App store and get the App. 
Make sure you put in our Post number 7539 to join. 





Help in our ongoing effort to serve those who have served us.

Contribute just $5.00 a month to Bloomingdale VFW 7539 to help provide food and other needed items to Veterans in need. 

The link is:

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