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Service Officers Report: The courts have indicated that veterans who were in a burn area cannot be denied disability benefits.

Community Relations Report: VFW Post 7539 provides more assistance for veterans than any Post in the state. There are 5.5 million caregivers and 20% of those care for post 911 veterans. The caregivers need support to help provide them with tasks they do not have the time for. Those tasks include but are not limited to transportation to and from treatment centers and shopping. Hines V.A. Center helps over 150 families. The Northern Illinois region aides 1500 families. 

The Village of Bloomingdale collected items for the Love Our Veterans program.

Our Post has over 50% of the volunteer donation hours in District 19. 

Veteran’s Affairs:The IDVA is doing everything they can to help the veterans at the Quincy Veterans home. They have replaced the old faucets with new filtered ones and the filters must be replaced every month. The Quincy Veterans home is looking for a grant to help remodel/rebuild the facility.

There is a program to get an amber alert system set up for veterans who are contemplating suicide or have PTSD issues. Homeless veterans who need their medical records will find it easier to obtain those records. There would be no charge if those records are sent to the V.A.

Good of the Order: Vietnam Veterans can get a veteran’s license plate with no charge for the vanity plate. A DD 214 form and proof of the Vietnam Service medal is required. There are additional fees (normal renewal fees) that may apply. 

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