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Service Officers Report: Funding for the Veterans Administration has already been approved. The current government shutdown should not affect the treatment of our veterans. With the government shutdown, there may be a possible sale of poppies to help members of the Coast Guard. For a listing of Illinois V.A. benefits available please check the e-mail that was sent out from our Post. You can also go to the web site:

Community Relations Report: Gift cards from Walmart were purchased to help a family (a female disabled veteran) in distress over the Christmas Holiday.  The Pilot Pete’s fundraiser total will be doubled and we will send one half to Hines and the other half to the Jesse Brown Center. February will be move-in essentials month in Bloomindale Those items will be used to help those veterans in need. Our Post will collect Valentine cards from our local schools to be distributed to the vets at Hines V.A. hospital. 

Veteran’s Affairs:  The Blue Water bill appeal process can take up to 5 months. Appeals made on line can decrease the time to be reviewed. 

Good of the Order: We will collect DVDs to take to our veterans. If you have any that you no longer use, contact our Veterans Affairs officer.  We will purchase a DVD storage cabinet and the DVDs and the cabinet will be donated to the Jesse Brown Center. 

New Business: We will purchase canned goods for our veterans to be used in the packages we send to them. We will also purchase up to 30 canteen cards for those at Hines. Another trip to Hines V.A. is in the works. Check your
e-mail for a date.

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